Nano-Magnetism Lab.


We study the magnetism and magnetic dynamics in restricted symmetry systems.
The restricted symmetry systems include spatially confined system (nano structure), low dimensional systems where limited translational symmetry applies, systems without inversions symmetry including asymmetric exchange interaction(Dzyaloshinskii Moriya interaction), coupled systems with non-uniform magnetic moments, magnetic heterostructures, complex spin structures, and etc.
In the restricted symmetry systems, rich magnetic phenomena occur due to various enhanced interactions such as asymmetric exchange interaction, high order anisotropies, dipolar interaction.
The rich mangetic behaviors are affected by external field, electric current and temperature, which we also investigate the mechanism. And these effects are related with applications using spin current, or spintronics.
To do research, we use our own lab-built programs which uses Monte-Calro method, Lagevin dynamics, Landau Lifshitz dynamics and more.
Recently, as deep learning technology has developed, we are conducting research on magnetic materials using this technology.
We also work with experiment groups at Physics Department, Fudan University in China and SPLEEM group in LBNL, USA.